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You’ll see I’m wearing black now; I’m very accustomed to it.

But at one point while I was helping with all the auditions, I’d worked with Ryan Murphy. He was always interested in who the person really was, not in how they interpreted his character—he wanted to change the writing to match them. And so I thought, musically, let’s do the same thing. When they’re doing a song, let’s make it so that it’s from them—they’re singing from character; vocal considerations are second. And I think that worked for Ryan; I mean, it helped him find his people.

And at one point he just turns to me and says, ‘Get used to wearing…black.’ Right? So I thought, well, the guy always looks great; he’s a fashion maven, so I may as well.

Well, the next day we’re bringing in people who are auditioning for Jenna Ushkowitz’s part, and I’m dressed head to toe black. And eventually he notices that, and he’s like, ‘Not NOW. When you’re on the SHOW.’ And I said, oh, so not at the meetings; just when—why would I be on the show?

And I thought, ‘I know why he wants me on the show; I make everyone so comfortable when they’re singing; that’s why he wants me.’ And it might be, but his first note was, ‘You hate ALL of them. You hate the teacher, you hate the students, you hate minorities, you hate women.’

So in my own little head….for me, I consider that my character has had an arc from hating everyone to grudging acceptance. Because directors come in and they have no idea that that’s the one major note that I have, and they go like, ‘You should laugh at that; you should think that’s funny.’ And I’m thinking, ‘But, but Ryan said….oh, okay,alright.’ So I consider that an arc.

Brad Ellis, telling the story about learning he was going to appear on screen as a character in Glee. Happy Hour with Ben and Alexander, UBN Radio. (via showthemwhat)

This is amazing.

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I think Glee is one of the great shows in television history. It touched so many hearts and brought social issues to the floor. It’s been on for over 100 episodes now and six seasons, and we want it to go out in a way that celebrates it.

Fox Networks Group CEO Peter Rice
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Chris changed his Instagram profile picture

Chris changed his Instagram profile picture

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'Glee's' Final Season Episode Count Officially Trimmed

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66th Primetime Emmy Nominations for The Normal Heart


Outstanding Television Movie - 2014
The Normal Heart HBO
Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie - 2014
Mark Ruffalo as Ned Weeks
Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie - 2014
Julia Robertsas Dr. Emma Brookner

…[The Glee writers] were so gracious and kind and it was a really good experience, but it became and amazing experience when the fans loved it…and then also, well, the media loved it too. That was great that I got, I got so much approval from it…It definitely became an incredibly gratifying experience when…I learned the fans liked it. That was great.

Chris on writing a Glee episode [x] (via staceysthings)

When [Glee] first started it was still a bit of a taboo for any actor to be affiliated with that image and now it’s almost, it’s just abundant amounts of praise. So it was a crazy transition and I’m so lucky that I was kind of right on the cusp of that change. But I remember being terrified with what the world would think of me… I first thought, ‘Well, here come the death threats, here come religious groups after you’ and I knew that when I started the show, being gay was not okay in my hometown and I’m happy to say that it has changed.

Chris Colfer [x] (via chriscolfernews)

Thanks to all of our fans who voted Lea and Chris best actress and actor in E!’s Best Ever TV Awards. Your devotion to them and the show is really appreciated and obviously we agree that those two are all kinds of awesome. My understanding is that there were a lot of votes coming in from Russia for Kurt and Blaine as best couple. How cool is that? Nice to see that the people have a different view from their government when it comes to certain undeniable issues.

Brad Falchuk (via dailychriscolfer)

Forget the Emmys! Find Out Who the Internet Loves as We Reveal the Winners of the 2014 Best. Ever. TV Awards

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Artist: Chris Colfer
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Me:  Hi, I’m Jennifer.  (Shaking his hand.)

Chris:  Hi, Good to see you!

Me:  Nice to meet you.

Chris:  You too, you too.

Me:  I brought you these last year, and I was too star struck, and forgot to give them to you.

Chris:  Oh!  Look at that!

Me:  Ninja Kitties…


Chris:  Oh my god.

Alla:  You know he’s gonna wear that, right?

Chris:  Oh, yeah, I will.

Me:  I hope so!  And, the very British llama.


Chris:  Oh, that is incredible.  ’Indeed.’  He’s gorgeous.

Me:  They’re kinda tight, they’re kinda small, but you’re kinda… you’ll get the bulging biceps out of it.

Chris:  Oh, god bless you.  Thank you so much!  Look at that.

Me:  You’re welcome!  And, I tweeted you about my niece, and this is her.

To that end, we would like to give out two awards in the Best Couple category, to both Glee’s Kurt and Blaine, and The Vampire Diaries’ Damon and Elena. We know this isn’t preschool. And not everyone should win. But honestly, in this case, because of our own stupid decision to extend the voting with insufficient prior warning, the only right thing to do is to make sure that no one goes home a loser. (Well, except us.)

- E! Online (x)

Wait, there’s more!

Now, something cool we also want to share: Our tech gurus informed us earlier today that they noticed a significant spike in our overall E! Online traffic coming in from Facebook in Russia, thanks to Russian users who were pushing voting for Kurt and Blaine in the TV Awards. That is pretty much the raddest thing we ever could have imagined happening with these polls. We get that many of you (inside or outside of Russia) were voting for Kurt and Blaine because you wanted to promote equality and make sure that a gay couple could be recognized as TV’s Best Couple. And we applaud you. We also made sure that Chris ColferDarren Criss and producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk know all about it.”

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Yes! I was just about to post that second quote because I think THAT is most interesting tidbit to come from this. It’s heart warming but reminds us that there are people for whom this visibility is important, within a country where the closet is being reinforced with steel.

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Chris Colfer on The View (July 8, 2014)

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